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  1. Competitive Insights
    Knowledge is power. Understanding the competition and competitive environment is essential.
  2. Social Listening
    Social Listening, also known as Influencer Marketing and Social Network Analysis (SNA) is the practice of observing and analyzing social media networks to leverage insights.
  3. Strategic Planning
    Analyse and optimise your company's business systems and processes.
  4. Predictive Analytics
    Make better predictions about the future and customer behaviour through advanced machine learning, modeling and data mining.
  5. Data Visualisation
    Dashboards, automated reports and powerful visualisations live on your website used to showcase your businesses success.
  6. Segmentation
    Customer and market segmentation by needs, spend, usage or location.
  7. Web Scraping
    Using advanced tools and a structured process to bring vast amounts of open-source information to your fingertips.
  8. Customer Value Proposition
    CVP addressing the psychological and technological needs behind customer choice.
  9. Demographic Profiling
    Enhance your target market understanding with comprehensive demographics.
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Competitive Insights

Our proprietary methodologies blend Competitive Intelligence, Analytics and Strategy to generate Competitive Insights to swing competitive advantage in your favour.
Actionable insights.
Our methodology:
Insights are the currency of the future and Pythia has unique and affordable solutions to deliver these insights to your business.
Our team of experts tailor a solution to fit your business needs:
Quick wins
An abbreviated diagonstic will bring new perspective to your business.
Integrated insights
Reporting and solutions made possible through our proprietary system of insights.
In-house experts
Your business challenges matched with selected Pythia team members picked from the top of their industry.
The Pythia Advantage
Pythia brings you a unique solution consisting of insights, data, strategy and market intelligence to bring competitive advantage to your business.
  Rise above the competition.TM