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Why do companies use Competitive Insights?
Competitive advantage is increasingly transient.

The combined effects of faster information flows, the competitive effect of a connected global economy, and the power of disruptive innovation have necessitated ever more advanced tools and techniques for staying ahead of the competition.

There are several reasons why companies choose to begin looking at Competitive Intelligence. Most frequently, Competitive Intelligece is associated with competitors, but the competitive environment is just as important to a thorough analysis resulting in actionable insights.

Being a proven successful methodology for understanding competitors is but one reason this business discipline has gained traction over past decades.

Other important uses for Competitive Intelligence include:

  • Product benchmarking - for new product development and updating of existing products.

  • Process benchmarking - also known as best practice benchmarking; for evaluating internal processes such as supply chain optimisation and customer-facing processes such as customer journey analysis; all in relation to competitors.

  • Strategic development - used for various strategic aims from launching a new product or service to entering a new market.

  • Trend watching - seeing upcoming opportunities and threats before the broader market is aware of them and capitalising on this knowledge.

  • Counterintelligence - knowing when other companies are looking and why.

  • M&A - preparation for mergers and acquisitions.
''CI is worth up to $50 million per year to our company. That is a combination of revenues gained and revenues 'not lost' to competitor activity."
Robert Flynn
CEO, NutraSweet 

What is Competitive Intelligence?

Pythia defines Competitive intelligence (CI) as:
1. The scalable practice of mitigating business risk by gathering multiple forms of intelligence, both internal and external to a company.

2. The strategic, competitive, environmental and financial analysis...
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​​Competitive Intelligence Quotes

Entrepreneurs, sports players, inventers and legendary business identities have shared their wisdom over the years about the nature of competition. Following are some of our favourite quotes...
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Competitive Intelligence for Market Research

Competitive Intelligence is known by many names and is often mixed with other terms.

By definition, Competitive Intelligence is a comprehensive form of market research - but it goes several steps further, by being a closed-loop market analysis methodology.
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Setting Up a Competitive Intelligence Function

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Ethics and Competitive Intelligence

Pythia and its employees abide by the legal and ethical standards of market research in all information gathering activities. We draw from the guidelines provided by such professional groups as Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) as well as the ICC/ESOMAR standard for market research.
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The History of Competitive Intelligence

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