Influencer Marketing

                     Social Networking Analysis (SNA). From Pythia                     
What is Social Networking Analysis?
SNA, also known as Influencer Marketing and Social Listening is the practice of observing and analyzing social media networks to leverage insights.

•Follow competitor activity to see what they are interested in
•Gain a 3-6 month market trend lead time before its mainstream
•Discover influencers with up to a 90% reduction in research time
•Discover connections between customers
•Increase targeted ad engagement by up to 200%
•Geographically map social conversations with ease
Our Social Networking Analysis capabilities are leveraged by these other successful companies...

dun & bradstreet


pitney bowes

...we were able to discover peer validated influencers in multiple business areas in less than 15 minutes.
Dustin Luther - Director of Engagement
I had high expectations... safe to say they have been exceeded.
Matt Heinz, President - Heinz Marketing
...a great partner to our business and helps us achieve our marketing goals.
Bart Casaboana - Director of Social
Easily discover and find influencers in any topic, engage them & leverage their content, and measure the impact they have on your marketing programs.
- Spend less time researching.
- Double engagement.
- Enable faster trend discovery.

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