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PYT001: Introduction to Competitive Insights – Market Research for the 21st Century

Melbourne, CBD
March 10th, 2016
8:55am - 5:00pm

A one-day foundation course with free lunch and tea breaks for all market research, insights, Competitive Intelligence, data analytics, market analyst, market intelligence, information librarians and related professionals.

What are insights? What makes a company competitive? Why do some succeed while others struggle?

Your business, from market leader to SME, is competing in the open market; or perhaps you have a hot idea for a startup...

Competition is heating up thanks to the increasingly interconnected global economy. Web 2.0, Web 3.0+ and the abundance of information available today leads to more questions than answers - not to mention disruption. New methods are needed to bring about competitive advantage. These techniques are often written about but not easily explained.

From senior managers to company founders to line managers and technical experts, our course is designed to introduce you to the new concept of Competitive Insights and walk you through Competitive Intelligence (CI) essentials with practical examples and case studies you can take back to the office and apply.

Our course instructor from Pythia will explain how to leverage your company's internal and external data & information gathering abilities to expand your team's function into a world-class role capable of listening to and responding to the competition and the competitive environment.

This is what you will learn:

  • An introduction to the essential concepts of Competitive Insights & Competitive Intelligence. Going well beyond SWOT and Porters 5 Forces to develop a deeper understanding of the market.
  • How to apply the Intelligence Cycle to your Business As Usual (BIU).
  • A background of the development of Competitive Intelligence as used by companies around the globe.
  • Compare the practices of traditional market research as taught in MBA programmes with the advanced practice of Competitive Intelligence as taught by leading universities.

This is how you can participate and build your expertise:

  • Ask questions about your company's competitive situation and discuss strategies.
  • Interact with other professionals in other industries to share experiences and ideas.
  • An open-book final "exam" with multiple attempts until passed to enhance the lessons provided in the one-day course.

Skills you will take with you:

Start off with quick wins to grow engagement.
Broaden the CI function with integrated systems and enhanced intelligence offerings.

Upskill and support a dedicated CI team to engage with the business.
Improve intelligence workflow and introduce several delivery types.

Produce actionable insights.
Deliver using proven techniques to engage senior leadership.

Develop mutually beneficial relationships within the business.
Assist in developing effective strategic outcomes which impact the bottom-line with visible results.

Course materials are supplied for you to take back to the office. 

This is the cost:
$998.18 + GST (total $1098)

Rise above the competition - with our instructor Nolan Dedrick from Pythia.

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